Tips for Preventing Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Tips for Preventing Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Preventative plumbing maintenance is a lot less expensive than calling a plumber. There are a variety of checks and light maintenance work you can perform regularly to help save money in the long run. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to prevent costly plumbing problems in the future:


Bathroom Sink

  • Improve water pressure by cleaning the aerator at the tip of your sink faucet. Most aerators unscrew (you might have to use a wrench) and can easily be taken apart for cleaning. Use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the parts till they are free of mineral build up and then reassemble.
  • Install a drain strainer in your sink. Even if you have to call a plumber to do it, it’ll save you time and money in the long run by preventing hair & other foreign objects from entering the drain pipe. It’s difficult for a sink to clog if there’s nothing to clog it!
  • Check your faucet and the drain pipe beneath the sink for signs of leaks on a weekly basis. Leaks not only waste water, but also damage property if left unfixed for extended periods of time.


  • Like any other plumbing fixture, toilets leak as well. Put a few drops of red food coloring into the tank and wait half an hour to check the toilet bowl. If you see any hints of red in the bowl, the tank is leaking. If it is, some in-tank replacements might need to be made (usually the ball or the flapper).
  • Don’t EVER use your toilet like a trash can! Excess toilet paper is bad enough, but when cotton balls, q-tips, tissues, or other hygiene products are added to the mix, you are literally asking for an extensive and potentially expensive pipe blockage.

Tub & Shower

  • Check that tub drain stoppers are sealing properly. Fill your tub with some water and mark the water level, then come back later to see if and/or how much the water level has fallen.
  • Outfit your tub/shower drain with a strainer to help catch hair and soap chips. This will vastly reduce the likelihood of blockages or clogs in the drain pipe.
  • Protect & clean showerheads that have become clogged or unsightly with mineral deposits. Flush the head with water and let soak overnight in vinegar to loosen mineral buildup. Then flush with water again in the morning and re-attach.

If you regularly follow these few simple tips you could save yourself some cash and a call to your local plumber. Unfortunately, good things don’t last forever – if you discover a plumbing issue during your regular maintenance work, don’t hesitate to call Cartwright's. Our experienced plumbers are friendly & happy to help with any plumber problem you may experience 24/7. Reach them at (505)-216-2507 or schedule service online.