What Type of Shower Head is Right For You?

What Type of Shower Head is Right For You?

Sometimes the only thing that gets you out of bed on time in the morning is the promise of a refreshing shower. You can find a rejuvenating shower head on just about any budget. The bathroom experts at Cartwrights can help recommend or install any variety of shower head or plumbing fixture. Consider the following types to see what works best for your needs:


Aeration Shower Heads

This option offers some great money-saving opportunities on your water bill but is typically the most expensive to purchase and install. Aeration shower heads pair air with water steam to increase density and flow. This creates less humidity and uses less water – ideal for humid climates. Aeration does cool the water so this option is not best for those that prefer very hot showers.

Rain Shower Heads

This option is perfect for someone that enjoys “getting caught in the rain.” The head is installed directly above you and causes water to softly fall – simulating a rain shower. It’s not ideal for smaller showers or for those who prefer more water pressure.

Handheld Shower Heads

These shower heads offer a great deal of variety and flexibility. The head is typically attached to a wall fixture and has great movement flexibility. This option also often offers a sliding bar that caters to homes with people of varying heights. There are countless handheld shower heads on the market with heads that can be adjusted and manipulated to provide high or low water pressure and other custom settings.

It’s important that you have a shower head installed correctly to avoid future leaks that can result in extensive water damage in your walls. Regardless of what shower head you choose, the plumbing experts at Cartwrights can install or repair any bathroom fixture. Call Cartwrights or schedule service online to have your bathroom in perfect working order.