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Underground Pipe-Bursting

If you need to replace residential or commercial pipes, size to size or upsized, a relatively new technology can reduce the cost and mess of traditional excavation methods. This technology is called pipe-bursting, which is a semi-trenchless way to repair or extend existing sewer lines without a lot of disruption to the ground. 

Designed to force itself through existing pipes of equal or smaller size and of similar materials, pipe-bursting equipment moves through an existing pipe and fragments (bursts) old pipe while compressing the pipe fragments into surrounding soils as it moves along simultaneously laying new pipe with the assistance of a guide cable.

The plumbers at Cartwright's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling have extensive experience in pipe-bursting. Our highly trained plumbers use pipe-bursting skills to repair or replace sewer pipes to reduce property damage and minimize re-landscaping requirements after your pipe repair. 

Utilizing pipe-bursting technology as an alternative to digging has the following advantages for our plumbing customers:

• Pipe-bursting reduces approximately 85% of the excavation and its associated costs.
• Pipe-bursting reduces risk to third-party utilities.
• Pipe-bursting offers an economical, practical solution when you need to repair or upsize existing pipes in congested, environmentally-sensitive areas where cutting and digging are not an option.

So, whether you need emergency water or sewer repair services, including pipe-bursting, or a routine plumbing issue, Cartwright's professionals are available for professional assistance. We offer high quality plumbing services and will give you a free estimate. Call or contact the Underground Pipe-Bursting Team at Cartwright's when you need any type of plumbing or drain service.