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Septic Tank Repairs

Most septic systems consist of a septic tank and a drain field (a soil absorption system). Waste from your home or office flows into the septic tank, where heavy solids settle to the bottom of the tank. At the bottom of the tank, bacteria take over to partially decompose the solids to form sludge. The lighter waste and grease float to the top of the tank forming a layer of scum. Water seeps slowing out of the tank and into a gravel trench where it is absorbed by the soil. The dissolved waste and bacteria are trapped or are absorbed and decomposed by microorganisms which remove organic material, most nutrients and disease-causing organisms, leaving the purified waste water to evaporate or be absorbed by the soil.

Even though septic systems are quite simplistic, they need to be inspected by a licensed plumbing contractor. Cartwright's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has been the first and only choice of many New Mexico residential and commercial owners when it comes to septic tank repairs and installation. 

We offer northern New Mexico customers free estimates, 24/7 septic services and a guarantee that any plumber who comes to your home or business is a fully-trained and insured professional. Call or contact the Septic Tank Repair Plumbers at Cartwright's when you need septic system repair or replacement services.