Quick fixes for a Problematic Toilet

Quick fixes for a Problematic Toilet

It happens to everyone. The infamous clogged toilet doesn’t discriminate. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that sometimes you’re left with exactly what you started with when you flush. As annoying (and disgusting!) as a clogged toilet can be though, it doesn’t have to result in a call to your local plumber. Here are a few techniques you can try yourself first:

#1. The Tapping Trick – A Quick Save

If you happen to realize that your toilet is having trouble flushing while it’s in progress, use your foot to forcefully tap the back or side of the bowl. Sound too good to be true? – Perhaps. Believe it or not though, many minor clogs can be dislodged in this manner if you catch them right when they are forming.

#2. The Pressure Washer Tactic

Sometimes all your toilet needs is a bit more pressure to get that clog moving. Pour one or two gallons of cold water directly into the hole. The goal here is to use the water like a jet from a pressure washer, and blast that clog into pieces. Be careful you don’t accidentally splash yourself or the floor though!

#3. The Baking Soda vs. Vinegar Strategy

This technique works best when the chemical reaction is not diluted, so try this before adding any extra water. Pour one cup of each into the bowl and let sit, and hope for the best!

#4. The Dish Soap & Hot Water Method

Another potential strategy is pouring ¼ cup of your favorite dish soap into the bowl along with some hot water. Make sure to let the dish soap spread and lubricate the blockage before you pour in the hot water, otherwise this method will be futile. Another tip: don’t use boiling water. It could crack your toilet, which would leave you with a much bigger mess to clean up.

#5. Using Your Plunger, The Right Way

Yes, there is a right way to use a plunger. Most people pump up and down monotonously, however, this is not always the best choice. For an increased chance of success, try pushing the plunger down slowly and then popping it back up quickly. This could help loosen the blockage, rather than compacting it even more.

#6. The Last Resort – A Snake Auger

If all else fails and you are still determined to fix it yourself, purchase a small snake auger. This tool can be threaded down into the pipe and then rotated to help drill through any blockages. Although more time consuming, and slightly messier, snake augers have the highest success rates when it comes to unclogging toilets.

If none of these techniques work, or if you simply don’t have time or feel comfortable with tackling the clog yourself, call your local plumber for assistance. Get your issue resolved quickly by Cartwrights! Our friendly plumbers will have your clog removed in no time. Reach us at (505) 216-2507.