Routine Jet Sewer Cleaning Saves You Hundreds of Dollars

Routine Jet Sewer Cleaning Saves You Hundreds of Dollars

The sewage line that sends waste and water away from your home or business is regularly compromised by tree roots. Tree roots can push through pipe joints and damaged sections, gradually obstructing the flow of sewage and eventually causing a complete blockage of the pipe. Clogs caused by grease, wet wipes and other personal items can also build up on their own over time if the sewer line isn't maintained properly. Cartwright’s water jetting service can prevent sewage backups into your home and other costly repairs.

What is Jetting?

Water jetting uses a high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle head that shoots pressurized water through a pipe, cleaning and clearing out all debris. Drain cable machines can break through tree roots and solid obstructions but they are unable to remove blockages like grease, roots and other buildup. This option may still be your best and cheapest option to start with. We recommend scheduling a camera line inspection prior to performing any service so you can understand the extent of the damage or clog. You’ll also want to do this because if the damage is in the portion of the pipe outside your property line, you may qualify for reimbursement/service from your local municipality.

Why use Jetting?

Regular jetting or cable cleaning (depending on how many roots you have on your property) can prevent sewage backups into your home. The sewage lines within your property are your responsibility to maintain and repair. Water jetting ensures these lines are completely clear from clogs. The incredible water pressure sent through the line can cut through just about everything. From tree roots and grease to concrete and wood, water jetting will eliminate any kind of buildup.

Water jetting is also a more environmentally safe and economical option when compared to commercial sewer cleaning options. Jetting doesn’t require the use of any expensive or harmful chemicals. Jetting is also useful for cleaning out driveway culverts and outdoor drainpipes. Give Cartwright’s a call today or schedule online for a free estimate from one of our jetting experts. We are available 24/7 for all your plumbing needs.