Diagnosing Strange House Noises

Diagnosing Strange House Noises

Strange creaking and ticking noises throughout the house in the silence of the night have long been the cause of nightmares for children. But as a homeowner those noises create a new kind of nightmare: the endless question of what plumbing fixture or appliance needs to be replaced next. Not all noises are cause for concern, but some are the result of current or future plumbing issues. Learn how to tell the difference between harmless and harmful home noises with these helpful tips:

Noisy Banging Noises

One of the more common noises is banging from the pipes that snake throughout the walls of your home. The banging might mean they are loose and need to be better secured to the wall. It could also mean that the pipes are flexing when the water flowing through them is turned off for a long duration of time. Both of these plumbing issues can be resolved by Cartwrights plumbers.

Clicking or Ticking

Clicking and ticking can be one of the more annoying sounds keeping you up at night. But most often these noises are harmless. In some instances, a ticking noise could be the sound of your water meter echoing through your plumbing. It should only be audible when water is running and doesn’t require any repair.

Dripping Sounds

This is one of the most important sounds to listen for. It could be nothing, a simple leaky faucet that can quickly be fixed. But it could also mean there is dripping inside your walls, under the water heater or even the water line to your refrigerator’s ice box. Leaking water can cause serious damage to your home and invite mold if it’s not identified and repaired quickly. Some leaks can be repaired on your own by simply tightening a loose nut but be aware that you can easily make the problem worse if you are not sure what you’re doing.

The plumbing experts at Cartwrights can identify and repair any leak or troubling noise in your plumbing or water heater. Call Cartwrights or schedule service online.