Common (Preventative) Plumbing Issues

Common (Preventative) Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems can start even before you consider fixing them. There are some mistakes that homeowners make by accident, resulting in extensive damage and costly repairs. Here are some things you can do to keep these accidents from happening:

Replace Broken Hoses

We recommend replacing the rubber hoses used in dishwashers or extensively washing machines every five years to stay ahead of future floods. These hoses are not meant to last forever and are subject to wear and tear that can lead to floods sooner than expected.

Stop Using Toilet Fresheners

Although toilet fresheners may keep your bathroom smelling fresh, they can damage the pipes leading toilet waste away. As fresh tablets deteriorate, they can get stuck to the flush valve and keep the toilet from functioning properly. Bleach and other chemical cleaners found in these fresheners also cause decay on toilet bowl enamel over time, causing brown spots and other discoloration.

Harmful Chemical Cleaners

Certain toilet chemical cleaners are dangerous to all pipes, skin and even the environment. These highly toxic chemicals can cause irritation and burns even with the slightest touch. Hydrochloric acids eat away at pipe systems, creating holes and leaving them looking like swiss cheese. Residue from these chemicals ends up in landfills and water supply systems, and are found be very harmful to the environment, so instead us environmentally friendly/organic drain cleaner.

Don’t Clog the Garbage Disposal

Avoiding putting items like corn husks, celery stalks and onion skins down the garbage disposal. They are considered fibrous food items and can tangle and jam the disposal motor, causing drain blockage. Grease should also never go down the drain - it will solidify and buildup, causing restriction of flow in your disposal. Call Cartwrights or schedule online today for expert service and advice.