• A Plumber You Can Trust

    You should never hire a plumber that you know little-to-nothing about. Remember, this person will be in your home and possibly around your family. You don’t want someone that can’t be vouched for. Here are 5 important things to look for in a plumber:

    1. An Experienced Plumber

    Nothing can substitute for on-the-job experience. The plumbing industry is no different – the more years of experience a plumber has, the better off you’ll be. Try to find plumbers with at least 5 years of experience. This will help insure that the fix will be done right the first time.

    2. A Knowledgeable Plumber

    Experience is a lot, but it’s not everything. Knowledge is similar to experience, only it’s the other side of the same coin. Some plumbing issues are difficult to resolve, and a small dose of ingenuity never hurt anyone. Try to find a plumber that is knowledgeable in the subject area of your particular issue. This will save him time in fixing the issue, ultimately saving you money.

    3. A Licensed Plumber

    There are many unlicensed plumbers who know what they’re doing, but you can’t always be sure. A license is like the icing on top of the cake because it demonstrates a certain level of proficiency. It’s not the end-all for determining good service, but it sure is a good sign.

    4. A Reliable Plumber

    Reliability is key. In the service industry, finding servicemen who are on time every time is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you can find one, don’t let him go! Reliability tells a lot about a plumber’s character and service.

    5. A Reputable Plumber

    Last but not least, you want a plumber that is recommendable. The best way to find one is (of course) to ask family, friends, or neighbors for their recommendations. If someone is willing to toot someone else’s horn, take note. It’s usually a great sign of outstanding service and competitive pricing.

    These character traits might seem like obvious things to look for, and maybe they are, but it’s important to keep all 5 in the forefront of your mind. Don’t spend your hard earned money on anything less than the best. Call Cartwright’s at (505) 216-2507 to get your plumbing issue resolved the right way.

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Chris Parker more than a year ago.
I agree, always choose professional and licensed plumbers for your fixtures. I also believe that instead of hiring an expensive plumbing services that travel hundred of miles to reach you, choose local professional plumbers, who are well-aware of the plumbing structure and layout in your area or locality. Alexander & Sons Plumbing is a reliable and affordable plumbing company in Fredericksburg, VA. reply
scott 10 months ago
I like that you talked about making sure you find someone that is licensed so you know they're proficient. I have been looking for someone to install a new water heater in my house. I can see how it would be good to find a plumber that has a licence so you know that they have enough knowledge for the job you need. http://johnsplumbinginc.com/ reply
scott adams 10 months ago
It's interesting you suggested hiring someone experienced in the specific problem you are dealing with, to save money and time. I need a plumber to help me deal with draining problems in my kitchen. I'll have to find someone that has done that before, so I can get the problem dealt with before I have guests over. http://www.alderbrookplumbing.com.au/hot-water-replacement reply
Taylor Bishop 5 months ago
Thanks for explaining what to look for when you are looking for a plumber. I'm glad you explained that you should try to make sure that they have a license, because it's a good way to demonstrate that they are proficient in their work. I'm kind of interested to learn if these licenses could also indicate specific expertise with a particular project. http://www.cincinnati-plumbers.com reply